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April 2012


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A Gorgoneion

A Gorgoneion

Gorgoneion with bared teeth and slanting, almond-shaped eyes which were originally inlaid with ivory (traces preserved). Voluminous, hammered boss-shaped curls with finely incised details frame the forehead. A long, wavy strand of hair behind the preserved ear. Three ornamental furrows above the sharply offset eyebrows. The nose is carefully modelled with pronounced naso-labial folds. Part of the proper right side of the face missing. Fragment of a horse's head-piece. The missing lower part probably included the Gorgon's lolling tongue and the part of the head-piece which covered the horse's nose.

Width: 11 cm. Bronze.
Western Greek, Late Archaic Period, ca. 530 B.C.

Provenance: Coll. Jacques Schotte (1928-2007), Belgium, since 1950.

Cf. a similar albeit a century older bronze relief of a Gorgo from the chamber tomb Tomba 2 di loc. San Paolo near Cerveteri, Cerveteri, Museo Nazionale, inv. no. 110898, LIMC Suppl. (2009) add.2 s.v. Gorgo, Gorgones (I. Krauskopf). It also has the distinctly off-set brows, lids and lips. The white inlay in the eyes is almost entirely preserved and gives an impression of the effect which our relief would have had on the beholder.

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